EASTER 2022.

Easter Sunday – On April 17. 2022 it is the day of Easter Sunday. This is the joyous day when the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated. Thank you to all that make Easter Commemoration and Service possible. Happy Easter!!! Easter Vigil – Vigilia Pascual is the Easter Vigil Mass and the first mass the officiallyContinue reading “EASTER 2022.”

The Solemn Vespers!

During the Christmas Advent and the Lenten season there are special prayers that take place which are known as the Solemn Vespers. Vespers is the latin for Evening in the English language, these Solemn prayers usually take place during the time of sunset. I especially appreciate these as reflective prayers that are special for theContinue reading “The Solemn Vespers!”


I would like to take the time to wish everyone who celebrates Christmas a very Merry Christmas! It is on this day that major Christian faiths celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus Christ – The Messiah. The birth is recognized and symbolic of joy, happiness, love, peace and much more, as well as toContinue reading “MERRY CHRISTMAS 2021!”


On the 28th of November 2021 it was the first day of the 2021 Advent season as well as the beginning of Hanukkah 2021. This was a day of excitement as the celebration of faiths intersect. As a mark of respect for the Ministry and services that I virtually attended for the joyous occasion ofContinue reading “HANUKKAH 2021!”


For World Humanitarian Day I would like to awareness for the Ashura, this is the 10th Day of Muharram, which is located within the Islamic New Year. The remembrance is particularly important as part of an interfaith connection, and the second coming of our most loved Jesus Christ.