My thoughts of love and good wishes to all the athletes competing at the Paralympics 2020, that was delayed for one (1) year and is taking place in 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. It is inspiring and encouraging to view those who have (dis) abilities taking part with the sport. Whilst the Paralympic is necessary forContinue reading “PARALYMPICS 2020.”


On July 23rd 2021, the Tokyo Olympics 2020 opening ceremony took place. l would like to wish the teams and individuals who are representing their nations all the best of luck. I wish that the participation and the Olympic experience is of value as much as is winning! Thank you Tokyo! Congratulations for welcoming the World!!! Please enjoy and share my sentiment of Olympic Peace!


Congratulations to the Baylor University, Texas, USA for the winning of the National College Championship 2021 which is also known as March Madness! Well done also to the Gonzaga basketball team for a great season, we are really proud of your efforts. We celebrate your success as upcoming student athletes. Although I was cheering onContinue reading “CONGRATULATIONS BAYLOR!”


I join the National Hockey League (NHL) community to offer my thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to the family, friends, colleagues and loved ones for the passing of Wayne Gretzky Hockey Legends father Walter Gretzky who passed away on March 4th 2021. Our thoughts of love and sympathy during this difficult time. Rest InContinue reading “WALTER GRETZKY”


Congratulations to the all the tennis athletes / players who were able to successfully participate within the Roland Garros, French Open tennis championship 2020! Congratulations to the mens singles champion, Rafael Nadal upon his 13th Roland Garros title and 20th grand slam title! Within this message of congratulations, I reiterate Nadal’s words of, winning isContinue reading “ROLAND GARROS 2020!”


Congratulations to Spanish Soccor / Football Club – Sevilla FC’s UEFA Europa League Football Championship! To celebrate this win and also the recent reading / writing about American History as related to the Spanish Expeditions I decided to cook Churro’s. A traditional Spanish and Portuguese dessert, which is also a popular American dessert. Congratulations Sevilla FC!