It was during excruciating and very difficult circumstances that I was able to complete my PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) course, whereas many students in my shoes would sympathize for the grateful extensions that are given to help, support, for the completion of successful academic work. Upon completion of the course-work writing, I felt a sense of accomplishment, not only because the writing / paper(s) were complete, but because of the actual content and research question that I had written and researched upon; prior, in the form of blog posts and independent research too. But what I liked about this course was to gain research skills / tools for scholarly work. And of-course feeling thankful that our topic / research question was taken seriously. Research and development is to be respectful of each others research.

The topic was relevant at the time, given that Venezuela (V) was upon the centre stage. Especially as sanctions were introduced by the former President Trump administration. Whilst there is much debate from a scholarly point of view about the effectiveness of sanctions as a political strategy, I think that the analysis and the effectiveness of sanctions that are put upon nations are measured upon a case by case basis. We can assimilate sanctions with psychotropics / opioids that are administered within hospital settings that are given to patients, as a form of negative coping strategy. With the aim to have patients at the point of balance / equilibrium, in-terms of health and well-being. And of-course should be viewed as part of a holistic health care journey.

In a similar view, sanctions are put upon a nation to strategically sway and change the behaviour of a nation. And as per current events we draw upon the example of Russia, who is engaged in the Russia-Ukraine war. At the moment there is debate about Russia’s oil supply and if The United States of America (USA) should continue to purchase oil from Russia, given the condemnation of the Russian act of war in Ukraine. As a response Russia has said that it will halt / shut down Nord Stream 1. Which provides natural gas flow through pipelines within Europe. At the moment I am unsure if this is a direct response to America debating the purchase of Russian oil.

Amidst the turmoil there has been speculation of the Biden administration and the secretive talks with Venezuela and the leadership of President Nicolás Maduro Moros to resume oil , trade and purchase with the nation of America. Whilst there has been no formal announcement / comment from the Biden Administration, the speculation has caused +/- reaction from the political arena. As well as to question why not increase American oil production? The nature of the course of study I was taking was to pick a nation that is beyond America. However; I insisted that I wanted to tie my research to the nation of America, thus; in very simple terms: the focus became the political and humanitarian crisis of Venezuela, with the effects of US sanctions. Given the opportunity I would like to learn more about America’s oil production, particularly in Texas and the Gulf Coast.

With regards to Venezuela, I still to this very day believe that the sanctions did more harm to the people of Venezuela. The political leadership are still living their lives as per usual. President Maduro does not speak about a humanitarian crisis, because he believes in his nation, feeling a sense of pride, as well as an inherent right to his leadership, given that he was hand-picked as the successor from Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías (1954-2013). But this does not mean to say that a humanitarian crisis does not exist. As migrants are forced their way out of Venezuela to neighbouring regions and nations such as Columbia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, various other South / Latin America countries, the USA, North America and Europe. Law makers including Columbia’s President insist that the only way the USA should engage with Venezuela once again is if elections are held to determine a new, or renewal of Venezuelan leadership.

We may also treatise why America is even engaging in the conversation of Venezuela at this point in time? In my opinion / view I think that nations should be concerned about present / future energy production and supplies. And as per previous blog post, I did suggest that this was going to be topic as an upcoming focal for dialogue / debate. As we are now hearing of the scuffle of +/- that is actually quite “normal.” But the actions of Russia have rattled the World, energy supplies, World oil markets and price.

My Scuffle

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We can connect my thoughts to Nord Stream 2, Nord Stream 1, nations deciding to cut-off Russia’s oil supply, nations taking sides, we can also relate this with China. China will not denounce Russia’s war, because just like other nations, it too is concerned about energy / oil supplies. Closer to home as we engage in America’s energy / oil conversation, I am not sure how leaders will choose to engage or the outcome of secretive talks, but I do still believe in Venezuela’s potential.

  1. Venezuela has the largest World’s known oil resources – 303 Billion Barrels
  2. Venezuela is a nation that has been affected with poverty and aging infrastructure that has affected its oil production as well as the effects of sanctions. (The World Atlas)
  3. The U.S. holds the World’s largest oil reserves (oilprice.com)
  4. The U.S. is the largest consumer of oil
  5. Oil resource is finite – once oil is used it is consumed, which is why nations like to have Energy resource security as well as to find alternative / renewable energy sources.
  6. The World Atlas | The World’s Largest Oil Reserves By Country
  7. OILPRICE.COM | U.S. Has World’s Largest Oil Reserves

At this moment in-time I know that the Russia and Ukraine war has created various conversations, such was the World concern for energy / oil supply / price, given that a nations economic health, well-being and prosperity are essential for a present and future survival. We also learn of the humanitarian crisis, the refugees, orphans, who had to leave their livelihoods, family members and even incurred the loss of life, these are heartbreaking scenes of children, families, including the beautiful architecture ruined from war, to reveal the costs incurred from war. As nations put a focus upon economic futures, we tend to forget these human beings are also contributors to a nations economy. Thus oil, energy, humans, habitats and much more are all integral to the ecosystem of life.

Dedication | As it is the time of Lent, I am especially reminded of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ In the land of Israel. It is through you we find strength from our suffering. Thank you to all who risk their lives and voices to advocate for the vulnerable and fragile. God Bless You, God Bless Our Troops and God Bless The United States of America!

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on March 7th 2022. All views and opinions are my own and have been cited as per required. Please note that as I would like to share my original research papers that I have discussed within this blog post, I currently have not obtained permissions to share publicly. I appreciated my time and learning within these courses and believe that I achieved what I needed to during the course of study. The World humanitarian and refugee crisis is a dire and desperate situation, I have written and written more about the humanitarian situation of Venezuela, with my own words, found articles as well as backing from research / academic scholars. We continue to pray for all populations throughout the World for the betterment and protection of life, living conditions and much more.

A Good Read | BROOKINGS.EDU | Venezuela refugee crisis to become the largest and most underfunded in modern history

With Love & Kindness! 🌺

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