Congratulations and thank you to our Most Holy Father, your holiness Pope Francis, upon your 10th anniversary of Pontificate on March 13th 2023. Pope Francis is the head of the Catholic Church, and the Bishop of Rome. As a member of the Society of Jesus, I am proud and grateful for all your efforts asContinue reading “POPE FRANCIS’ 10 YEARS.”


As I decided that I would like to write upon World Day of Peace 2023, marked annually on January 1st as celebrated by the Catholic Church; I connected my thoughts to my previous blog post entitled: Scribe Value? What is the value? What is the worth? Does it even matter? Well the worth of theContinue reading “WORLD DAY OF PEACE 2023!”

Pope Benedict XVI.

I would like to share my thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives, loved ones, the Catholic faith and all who mourn the loss of Pope Benedict XVI., who passed away on 31st December 2022. Pope Benedict XVI was the retired Pope known as the Pope Emeritus upon his resignation. Pope BenedictContinue reading “Pope Benedict XVI.”


As I took the time to give forth my Christmas wishes to everyone that celebrates, I too took the time to savor, relish, embrace, nourish and cherish the day of Christmas. Christmas is more than just a day it is a season that leads to Christmas day. It is heartwarming to know that the celebrationsContinue reading “CHRISTMAS DAY / ADVENT REFLECTIONS 2022!”


Upon the day of Christmas Eve 2022 I would like to wish all who celebrate this day a very beautiful Christmas Eve day, as I am reminded of the humble beginnings of the life of baby Jesus that was birthed in a manger. With solemn love, thanks and gratitude: Merry Christmas Eve 2022. En elContinue reading “CHRISTMAS EVE 2022.”


I would like to wish Pope Francis a very happy 86th birthday!! Many thoughts of love and birthday congratulations achievement!!! I am proud to be able to share these wishes with you, as you are an inspirational advocate for the prosperity of Catholicism as well as your living example – to serve even when yourContinue reading “HAPPY 86TH BIRTHDAY POPE FRANCIS!”


Religion and race have always had a way with the clash between politics. The clashes, collisions have taken place historically and up to the present day. Where we hear of the divides between Church and State, or the deep rooted connections between Church and State. We could take the organizational view to the level ofContinue reading “REFLECTION | EASTER 2022.”

EASTER 2022.

Easter Sunday – On April 17. 2022 it is the day of Easter Sunday. This is the joyous day when the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated. Thank you to all that make Easter Commemoration and Service possible. Happy Easter!!! Easter Vigil – Vigilia Pascual is the Easter Vigil Mass and the first mass the officiallyContinue reading “EASTER 2022.”


On Saturday May 15th 2021 Pope Francis invited the faithful for a month long prayer of the Rosary for the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. To offer my support for this initiative, I would like to share the following Rose flowers. For a wounded world, for the wounds of the soul, may all be liftedContinue reading “ROSARY PRAYER.”


I would like to share the happiness and congratulate Pope Francis, the Vatican and Iraq upon the first ever Papal visit to Iraq. Thank you for your continuous efforts to create, build peace with human bridges and interfaith unity. Thank you!