EASTER 2021!

I wanted to take the time to think and reflect, particularly with regards to the last few days of easter as Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Triduum and the day of Easter. Although the week begins with the joys of Palm Sunday as Jesus of Nazareth enters Jerusalem, there are also tension as we already know the events that will unfold.

For the many religious institutions, the time of Easter season is of great importance for historical biblical stories to be re-told, to keep the religious teaching alive. Hence, the gratitude and thankfulness that we offer to the institution of religion. We could even say that Easter is considered parallel to Christmas.

We are called to participate and attend congregations if-possible. In my view this should also include taking the time to reflect upon the personal meaning of what Easter is. This is where there are moments of contemplation, reflections, especially that are associated with this idea of the mystery of faith.

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INSTAGRAM | In addition to my blog posts that I have listed as above, I have shared extensively within my social media platform of Instagram for the time of Easter, which included Easter arts and crafts, baking, reflective thoughts, our per bunny rabbits, and Easter meals that are commemorative for the time of Easter. Thank you!

Notes | These thoughts were originally hand-written on the morning of April 5th 2021

My Thoughts To Share With Love & Kindness!

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