EASTER 2022.

I wish everyone celebrating a joyous Easter! Happy Easter. Peace be with you. #ShaziaBlog #Easter2022

¡Deseo a todos que celebren una feliz Pascua! Feliz Pascua 2022. La paz sea con ustedes. #ShaziaBlog #Easter

Easter Sunday – On April 17. 2022 it is the day of Easter Sunday. This is the joyous day when the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated. Thank you to all that make Easter Commemoration and Service possible. Happy Easter!!!

Easter Vigil – Vigilia Pascual is the Easter Vigil Mass and the first mass the officially recognizes the Resurrection of Jesus.

Holy Saturday of the Lord’s Passion – In a special way to try to reflect, seek and await the rising of Our Christ Jesus. Mass is only celebrated until the Easter Vigil.

Good Friday – On this solemn day of commemoration I wish everyone love and peace for the day of Good Friday 2022. The greatest sacrifice to all of human-kind. Thank You For Your Service.

For the purposes of sharing our communion, giving thanks and any-kind of inspirations. I have created this page for Easter 2022. Where I will update as inspired. Thank you to all who provide the essential services to keep the Spirit of Christ alive. God Bless You!

Dedication: In a special way I would like to dedicate this page to Senator Marco Rubio, The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington DC., USA and our Holy Father Pope Francis. Thank you for your service and inspirations. Please note that the thoughts created are my own and are not intended to serve as a mechanism to sway religious views and opinions. Although I am firmly rooted in the belief of the fellowship of Christ that is connected with solidarity and fidelity. Thank You. God Bless You! I Love You!

Easter 2022.

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