I took the time to reflect upon the beautiful Lenten Season Mass Services, and felt grateful with a renewed sense of Christ’s presence in one’s life, as we may tend to think that Christ is only for Christmas. But truly God is with us, each and everyday, and even in the times of feeling emptinessContinue reading “REFLECTIONS | LENTEN SEASON.”


I would like to wish everyone that observes the beginning of the Lenten Season with Ash Wednesday many blessings of love and peace. I reflected upon the idea that this day may be viewed as an end, but is also considered a beginning as God’s way to know what is within our heart. Related BlogContinue reading “ASH WEDNESDAY 2023!”

The Solemn Vespers | 03.27.2022.

This writing / quote is shared as part of my Lenten / Easter Reflections, that was written on March 27th 2022. Thank you for your service. Related Blog Post | The Solemn Vespers! With Love & Kindness! πŸ™‚

The Solemn Vespers!

During the Christmas Advent and the Lenten season there are special prayers that take place which are known as the Solemn Vespers. Vespers is the latin for Evening in the English language, these Solemn prayers usually take place during the time of sunset. I especially appreciate these as reflective prayers that are special for theContinue reading “The Solemn Vespers!”

The Transfiguration of Jesus.

The above quote is inspired from the bible verse and reading known as the Transfiguration of Jesus, Mark 9:2-10, Matthew 17:1-9, Luke 9:35, that I would like to share as part of the lenten season that leads to days of Easter. These are the words that are believed to be spoken after the baptism ofContinue reading “The Transfiguration of Jesus.”


Within this writing I am reflecting upon the symbol and memory of Christ’s suffering that is derived from the Crown of Thorns. I connect these thoughts to the historic traction of the Greek Olympians wearing a crown that is made with olive branches and wonder of the inherent connections between obtaining a title, winning a championship and the suffering and hard-work that is associated with accomplishments.