As we are in the midst of Easter week, I became reflective upon the approaching days to Good Friday and the three days in-between up until Jesus’ spirit is found by Mother Mary. We all have differences of belief and how we decide to believe, but for me these days are a coming to deep reflection and sadness. Especially as it is this idea of the higher consciousness of God in our midst, even when no one else is that keeps our spirits alive, within the times of our greatest sorrows and joys. But it is also the risen spirt from the resurrection that once again renews and replenishes with Easter hopefulness.

It is with these words I would like to thank all the religious, spiritual and faith-based organizations with all their endeavours throughout Easter, which is a most sacred time. Thank you for your efforts of keeping the Christ alive!

  • Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on March 30th 2021.
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With Love & Kindness!

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