On Palm Sunday I would like to wish everyone that commemorates a blessed Palm Sunday. In a special way the Catholic Christian, Christian World and all denominations of Christians who commemorate, and take part in Palm Sunday services. Palm Sunday recognizes Jesus’ entrance to the lands of Jerusalem, Israel. The palms, olive branches, and otherContinue reading “PALM SUNDAY.”


As we are in the midst of Easter week, I became reflective upon the approaching days to Good Friday and the three days in-between up until Jesus’ spirit is found by Mother Mary. We all have differences of belief and how we decide to believe, but for me these days are a coming to deepContinue reading “EASTER REFLECTION.”


On Sunday 28th 2021 is it the Christian commemoration of Palm Sunday. This is the day that Jesus Christ – The Messiah entered Jerusalem and was welcomed with Palms, branches and many other types such as the olive branches, these were scattered in-front of Jesus as he rode into Jerusalem. Wishing everyone who celebrates andContinue reading “PALM SUNDAY.”


The Easter Holy Week is revered as the most Holy Week in the Christian faith calendar after Christmas. The week begins with Palm Sunday that signifies the arrival of Christ in Jerusalem. Upon his entrance the local community blessed Jesus’ arrival with palms, hence the naming of Palm Sunday. This year Palm Sunday may beContinue reading “PALM SUNDAY!”