For the appreciation of His Majesty H.M. King Felipe VI Spain visit to the island of Puerto-Rico, USA., I created this sketch to etch this moment in history. I was truly touched by your visit, especially to uplift the morale for the people of Puerto-Rico. Through your visit I was also able to get to know some-more of the Puerto-Rican culture, traditions, and loved to see the colourful sights as shared. Thank you for your kindness to Puerto-Rico. Thank you H.M. King Felipe VI for visiting Puerto Rico upon the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the islands founding. A once in a life-time moment of history!!

I originally completed the first sketch on the 9th of February and created another pencil sketch with water-color and metallic paint, that I completed on the 16th of February 2022 with additional details on the 19th of February. I left the date of completion of the sketch as is. The first 4 images reflect the completion process as of the 16th of February 2022.

These following images are of the completed sketch and art.

Pencil Sketch with water-colour paints and metallics. The art contains the Bougainvillea flowers that is one of Spain’s national flowers, as well the roots of the flower originating from Latin America. The flowers are drawn around The United States Of America’s flag, to reveal the shared history of Spain with America. The dotted paints in the background create a look of beads, pearls or strings of gems, that are associated with royalty, etched with the cross design, to link the shared history, past and present that is tied to Christianity, Catholicism and faith. I loved the colors of the flowers that flow from the colors of the Advent Christmas Wreath, with the US flag on this sketch. It is the first sketch that I have created – one as a complete pencil sketch and the other with the paint colors. I was unable to decide upon a title for this art which is why I didn’t share earlier. I am still unable to think of an exact title for the art, and have simply entitled the art for now as: SPANISH ROYAL VISIT | PUERTO RICO II! Please enjoy my latest art creation! Welcome and Thank You!


Notes: All art images are my own.

With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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