This writing is a note upon the verdict that was found for the death of George Floyd. I connect my thoughts to social movements that can develop into reform efforts by working with police and organizations, as well as to find a balancing point between a judicial verdict for the accused
and the victims.


These thoughts are a continuation of my previous reflection pertaining to the sadness I felt within the discovery of history, and also the excitement. I take sometime to flesh the sadness to surface, and give importance to this, and also offer hope, so that within the discovery of history, there is still time to learn, conserve, create and re-create a present and a future.


These thoughts are written to offer a response to a previous question that I has written and reflected upon during previous writings. With specific focus upon the topic of Confederacy.


Our thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives and loved ones who have suffered loss and injury with the Minneapolis shooting that took place early morning on June 21st 2020. We are grateful and thankful that there were minimal lives lost, however; one life that is lost is always too many. WeContinue reading “MINNEAPOLIS”


These thoughts are a continuation of previous writings with regards to the discussion that has stemmed from the George Floyd death, protests and resulting vandalisms. Withins these thoughts I reflect upon the violent actions towards historical monuments, and take another angle to form an analysis of current events.


This blog post is a reflection of previous thoughts and current events relating to the George Floyd death and protests that have occurred world wide. I take the time to think about worldwide conflicts that also require mass public attention, with a hope that resolutions can be found to unify a nation and even a world that has become divided to black and white. However, we must refocus to see the beautiful colors, the colors of humankind, that are interwoven to create the very fabrics of society. #ShaziaBlog