On January 1st 1804 the Independence Day of Haiti was proclaimed. Haiti is a country in the Caribbean that was originally claimed as Spanish territory by Christopher Columbus in 1942 and known as Hispaniola.

For this years Independence of Haiti I would like to share the image of Cathedral Notre-Dame that was considered as one of the most beautiful attractions of Haiti. However, during the earthquake of 2010 the Cathedral was damaged. Since the destruction of the architecture there were plans to rebuild the site. Puerto Rican architect Segundo Cardona won the competition in 2012 to rebuild the site. However; still do this day the complete rebuilding and restorations are not achieved. According to The Atlantic article (as shared below) Journalist Amy Wilentz believes that the cathedral restorations should be helped and assisted by France.

I would also like to mention Carrie Gibson for her research book entitled: “Empire’s Crossroads: The Caribbean from Columbus to the Present Day” (2014) where she has conducted detailed and descriptive research, including the country of Haiti, that I was very proud to read and learn of. Thank you for all your efforts.

It is with these words I wish Haiti a very happy Independence Day of 219 years that took place on January 1st 2023. And would hope that restorations of natural disasters continue to take place, including the impoverished whose lives are continually destroyed from reocurring disasters.

  1. The Atlantic | The Other Notre-Dame Was Not Rebuilt
  2. Twitter Link and Handle .@SenRubioPress
  3. Image Link | Cathedral Notre-Dame
  4. Book Reference: Gibson, C. (2019). El Norte: the epic and forgotten story of Hispanic North America. Atlantic Monthly Press.

With love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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