March 25th is the national day that recognizes the Medal of Honor recipients. These are awarded for extreme heroism and bravery for those members of the military who went took risk and went above the call of duty, and can be awarded to any military rank member. To all recipients past and present, thank youContinue reading “MEDAL OF HONOR DAY!”


I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Tilman J. Fertitta upon his recent deal to take part of Landry’s Inc., public via a merger with Fast Acquisition Corp and Investors. I consider this as welcoming news to life public morale and for an industry leader, Fertitta; to pave the way foe many businesses and corporations to recovery mode especially as many have been hurt from the Coronavirus Health Pandemic. We share your happiness, success and wish you all the very best! Congratulations!!!


Congratulations to Spanish Soccor / Football Club – Sevilla FC’s UEFA Europa League Football Championship! To celebrate this win and also the recent reading / writing about American History as related to the Spanish Expeditions I decided to cook Churro’s. A traditional Spanish and Portuguese dessert, which is also a popular American dessert. Congratulations Sevilla FC!