I would like to congratulate the Los Angeles Rams upon their win for the NFL Super Bowl LVI (56) World Championship! Congratulations to LA RAMS #RamsHouse #CasaRams #VamosRams #SBLVI!!! As per one of our new yearly traditions that I created for several years now, I appreciate the tradition of the Super Bowl final game, and try to incorporate foods, and enjoy the sport as a form of entertainment. It is also a time where those who take the stage are able to share their voices, talents, and inevitably make a play πŸ™‚ From the beautiful US Airforce fly-over #AFFlyOver to the National Anthem singing, renditions, the Super Bowl Half-time Show and the actual team games, consisting of the LA Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals 2022.

I appreciated the Super Bowl Half-time show, seeing Snoop Dogg did remind me of our Christmas Turkey recipe that was adapted from Martha Stewart’s Christmas Herb Turkey recipe. and tips from Gordon Ramsey. I added a few more spices, and marinated the Turkey for 3-4 days prior to Christmas Day, which reduced the cooking time considerably, and did find that Gordon’s idea of allowing the meat to rest after cooking, and eating the Turkey meat even when cold, actually very delicious. Our first Christmas Turkey, that did taste as delicious as it looked from the pictures that I took for keepsake.

Whilst I am not familiar with rap-culture at present, your music did remind me of the 1980’s -90’s rap scene. It was also a time to reflect upon gang-violence and homicides, that are too-often associated with rap-culture. I am proud of artists especially from rap-culture / scene, who are trying to utilize their platforms to create positive social-change, especially to inspire the youth / adolescents. Seeing Eminem reminded me of our Charlotte BrontΓ« Jane Eyre book study, where we also utilized your music to study as a form of inter-text within our English literature / English classes. Inter-text is simply the word that is utilized when various sources allow for us to understand and create meanings of what we desire to study. Similarly the LA Rams hashtags #RamsHouse #CasaRams #VamosRams reminded me of Louisa May Alcott, Little Women from the scene as they question: What is your Castle? Hence the Super-Bowl half-time show can also be a form for study and analysis, as to what the artists’ message is to the audience beyond the scope of this blog post. My thoughts are also a reminder of the potential of artists from all musical genres to make a difference and impact. Congratulations to all who took part to make the Super-Bowl SBLVI Pepsi Half-time show possible!

From my journal – an idea / question that came to the mind that I decided to write in-case I wanted to write and further develop my thoughts πŸ™‚
I received our first-ever Galentine’s!!! Picture from 13th February 2022, enhanced with ZA filter via Instagram
to create a look of furry softness πŸ™‚

Congratulations to everyone who was able to make the Super Bowl LVI possible!! Congratulations to the Cincinatti Bengals for your journey to the final Championship game! Congratulations to the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Cooper Kupp and the LA Rams upon your SBLVI 2022 win!!!

  • Image 1 – Link
  • Image 2 – Personal Images of our Super Bowl SBLVI supper plate
  • Image 3 – Twitter Handle @SpainInTheUSA and Link
  • Image 4 – Twitter Handle .@USAinUK and Link
  • Image 5, 6, 7 and video clip are of from our Christmas Turkey 2021
  • Image 8 – Personal image from my journal
  • Image 9 – Link
  • Image 10 – Personal image from our T.V. screen
  • Image 11 – Personal image of me, Shazia.
  • Image 12 – Link
  • Image 13 – Link
  • Image 14 – Link
  • Image 15 – Link

With Love & Kindness! πŸ™‚

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