On May 8th 2022 it is Mother’s Day, for the celebration of Mother’s. I would like to share my thoughts of love to all Mother’s and individuals who have taken upon the role of Mothers in biological and non-biological forms. Thank you for your love, guidance and support. And in a special way to ourContinue reading “MOTHER’S DAY 2022.”


On the National Day of Prayer May 5th 2022 I would like to join all who take part in the National Day of Prayer to offer my thanks and love through prayer. I believe in the power of prayer and more-so in the joining of hands with whom you love to offer prayer together, toContinue reading “NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER 2022.”


My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to everyone who has been affected with the horrific shooting that took place early morning on April 12 2022, in a Brooklyn Subway Train, New York. It was reported that at least ten individuals have been shot, with sixteen injured, and that there are five individuals who areContinue reading “BROOKLYN SUBWAY TRAIN, NEW YORK.”

Bruised Nation(s)

This writing is a continuation from blog previous blog posts, emerging from the Ukraine-Russia situation. Within this writing I connect my thoughts to a research report, entitled as: “Can Foreign Powers Bring Peace to Venezuela?”┬áby the International Crisis Group (2022). As previously written the Russia-Ukraine situation is complex. Whilst taking part in Europe, we areContinue reading “Bruised Nation(s)”


My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to the Central Park, New York community who have all been affected with the fires that took place in Central Park upon the afternoon of March 8th 2022. The cause of the fires are said to be from the acts of arson, with at least ten (10) firesContinue reading “CENTRAL PARK, NEW YORK.”


My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to the residents of Panama, Florida, USA, and the leadership of Florida for the devastating fire that has ripped through Panama, Florida, where over 100 residents were forced to evacuate their homes. The fire has currently destroyed two (2) homes and damaged twelve (12). At this time IContinue reading “PANAMA, FLORIDA.”


This writing is an analysis of the current evolving conflict and war between Russia and Ukraine.


I join the World Community to support peace for the regions of Ukraine that are now under attack due to the Russian military strike that began on the evening of the February 23rd 2022. Whilst I believe that the strike / military attack on Ukraine could signify the Russian leaders seriousness of consequence, it isContinue reading “UKRAINE-RUSSIA CRISIS”


My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to all who have been affected by the civilian helicopter that crashed at a Naval facility in Kauai, Hawaii. Four (4) people have been reported as killed from the helicopter crash that was taking place in a training operation. At this time my thoughts remain with you allContinue reading “HAWAII HELICOPTER CRASH.”