As humans continue with the everyday goal to survive, with the desires to thrive. We build with the very acts of survival, our purpose, goals, that drive and propel us. We are inspired, motivated and find a sense of renewal, as we begin to accomplish our sense of purpose. As we gain, accomplishment, we are called to find a sense of neutrality – in other words to find balance with the accrual and accomplishments, to understand that one should not subordinate another. Or think of others of lesser value, which actually sounds easier than it is. Within a figurative / metaphoric sense as we rise, we must also learn how to fall and serve.

In an event of rising above another with the accrual or accomplishment or any sort, also arrives a sense of responsibility. To uplift, inspire and serve. The measure of what we pass on to others does not have to necessarily be a means for a measure, or neither does it have to be declared. In this sense we can think of Adam Smith’s theory of the Invisible Hand. But the key thought within the purpose of attaining is that we must be able to attain, and are encouraged not to subordinate all things that do not quest the thirst of accomplishment. Maintaining balance between attaining, accomplishments, as well as our daily survival (Allen, 2010, p. 7).

Reference: Allen, J. (2010). From Poverty To Power (1901). In, Mind is the Master, The Complete James Allen Treasury. Penguin Group.

Notes – These thoughts were originally hand-written on September 10th 2020.

My Thoughts To Share With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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