I would like to share happy Mardi Gras wishes to everyone that celebrates the Mardi Gras festival, in particular the carnivals and celebrations that take place in Louisiana, New Orleans, Galveston, Houston, Texas and the southern- regions of the United States of America. Mardi Gras is a celebration of life, with beautiful colors, displays, costumesContinue reading “MARDI GRAS 2023!”


within this writing I reflect upon the new trauma’s that are being produced from the Coronavirus with the additional layers that are caused from natural disasters such as the recent winter storm in Texas and hurricanes in Louisiana and Puerto Rico, often as disaster strikes the recovery and healing takes a longer process and often regional recovery is ignored.


Thank you to all the organizations and community leaders in Houston, Texas that are coming together to provide relief efforts to Houstonians who have especially felt the effects from Winter Storm 2021.


Within this blog post I reflect upon the recent winter storm, power outages and water supplies in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas, to connect with the need for power and the natural resource of oil to be utilized safely and effectively for good habitats and communities survival needs.