Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

I would like to take the time to congratulate Her Majesty (HM) Queen Elizabeth II upon the 70th Platinum Jubilee that is being celebrated in the United Kingdom. I appreciate the services of the Royal British Family and Monarch who has reigned as the longest serving Queen. This is an inspirational and reflective moment forContinue reading “Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.”


Within this writing I connect thoughts from my previous blog posts to offer some kind of conclusive thoughts. To understand the full development of my thinking it is recommended to read the previous blog posts that I have listed.


I would like to offer my good wishes of love, prayer, healing and recovery to Britain’s Prince Philip who is currently in hospital. Our thoughts and get well wishes to you and Her Majesty (HM) Queen Elizabeth II and family during this time. With Love & Kindness! IMAGE LINK | Created with CANVA.COM Related BlogContinue reading “GET WELL SOON.”