KINGS CORONATION | 05.06.2023.

I would like to express my deep thoughts of love and heartfelt gratitude for the successful ceremonies that took place for the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla. The coronation was publicized as the King’s Coronation, May 6th 2023. Upon the occasion World leaders were in attendance, with the USA presence of First Lady Dr. Jill Biden to the UK and H.M. King Felipe IV and Queen Letizia Spain. I was proud to join in and watch the ceremonies via T.V. broadcast.

Amongst the beautiful clothing, robes, jewels, with the beautiful choirs, musicians and solemn service for the crowning of king and Queen. I am reflective of the importance of symbolism associated among the jewels: Orb, Sceptre, Crown and Sword. As well as a God-given right to be crowned as King and Queen. Given the depth of responsibility associated with leadership of nation, establishing relations, domestic and foreign. To distinguish between a Crown Monarch, Government leaders, recognize authority and submission.

I acknowledge the importance of these historical moments, even when one is not directly involved within polity, politics or nation-state. I appreciate seeing the England Public in London, UK., and know the importance of the Royal Family to the Great British Public. And I think that Kings and Queens that are able to hold hands, join as one to attend to their public is absolutely beautiful.

Picture from 04.21.2023.

It is with these thoughts, I also reflect upon the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the connections of relations between the United States of America and the United Kingdom. As well as the emotions of a certain sadness and happiness from formal ceremony, given that Queen Elizabeth II’s legacy is truly remarkable, an inspirational monarch that served and sacrificed with great heart.

May the blessings and peace of Christ be upon you, amen.

Video from 05.05.2023.
Lemon Square / Bars baked on 05.06.2023.

Notes: Please note that all views and opinions in the blog post are my own. Thank you for your continued readership, with love from Shazia.

With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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