The Solemn Vespers!

During the Christmas Advent and the Lenten season there are special prayers that take place which are known as the Solemn Vespers. Vespers is the latin for Evening in the English language, these Solemn prayers usually take place during the time of sunset. I especially appreciate these as reflective prayers that are special for theContinue reading “The Solemn Vespers!”


Within this writing I reflect upon the Spanish Monarch Royal Visit H.M. King Felipe VI of Spain to Puerto-Rico, USA.


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Give us this day our daily bread; the body, blood, bread and wine. Originally hand written on December 24th 2021. — Shazia. Notes: This quote was originally hand-written on December 24th 2021, as I was inspired to share and with our Christmas Eve and Christmas meal images, pictured on December 24-25th. All images are myContinue reading “CHRISTMAS REFLECTIONS II!”