Reflections | Mental Health and Well-Being.

The truth is that the other day I was greatly honored and thankful to attend a free webinar / presentation that was hosted by the PSI CHI International Honor Society in Psychology. Within the live presentation joined Dr. Philip Zimbardo who is also known as Dr. Z. Dr. Philip Zimbardo is a World renowned psychologistContinue reading “Reflections | Mental Health and Well-Being.”


…… As I cordially invite you into the branches of the soul that intertwine as the Cerebral veins, that give life to what is presumed as our thinking and feeling, the garden of elegance, the beautiful mind, brain, the sensory perceptions, that give and receive with our loving heart.….. Shazia. A reflection from the novelContinue reading “THE ELEGANCE OF PEMBERLEY.”


From May 2-6 2022, it is Teacher Appreciation Week. During this week I thank all educators that are directly involved with class-room instruction, on-line, in-person learning and all who support student learning. As educators and the field of education will recognize that there is much more to the art of teaching than the delivery ofContinue reading “TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK.”


This writing provides an overall summary for the book entitled: “The Epic and Forgotten Story of Hispanic North America” by Carrie Gibson, 2019. I appreciate the depths of this research endeavour. Thank you. The centuries of Spanish Explorations within America speak to the present topical issues that require observation and policy formation. I desire to term Spanish American History as Americas Heritage, thus the title; I AM YOUR HERITAGE!!!


These thoughts reflect upon the recent DNC 2020 speech by Dr. Jill Biden, where Dr. Biden utilized personification, which is a type of metaphor to purport the unity and healing of nations. Within these thoughts I further reflect upon her ideas to create a teaching and learning lesson plan that can be utilized for senior level grades and the Freshman, Sophomore years.