Tilman’s Title!

The truth is that I began and finished the book by Tilman Joseph Fertitta entitled “SHUT UP AND LISTEN!” As I began the book, like maybe many other readers, I was skeptical about the title of the book. But can a title sway or entice a reader? Just as the saying goes: we cannot judge a book by it’s cover. A cover / title can either sway, entice, or attract a reader. When all is said and done, if we decide to become skeptical, enticed or judge – what is the goal of the author? The authors goal is for the reader to want to read the book that the author has written. Why else would one decide to write a book? But as I read through the book, I began to understand, more and more, why the title was appropriate. If we take a moment and analyze the words: ” SHUT UP AND LISTEN!” the words themselves could come-across as rude, or convey a tone of anger. But then the cover actually becomes quite clever. As we see the author himself with sealed lips. So even as the author is telling the reader to shut up and listen, the author himself is silent. In a sense: we could simply say, Fertitta is listening to himself too. Fertitta is bringing himself to the level of the reader. As you listen, so am I. Creating a level of equality; with a title that could be considered as rude or anger, to that of inviting. A journey of reading, learning and listening together. Which inevitably should lead to positive development and growth, in areas of life as we so choose.

“Great Leaders are always learning.” (Fertitta, 127). #TilmanFertitta #SHUTUPANDLISTEN #book #Tilmanism #quote #shaziblog

As we sift through the pages and continue reading, we realize that the authors personality, or what he himself terms as a blunt tone is applied. Sort of like a kick up the ass if you will! As humans sometimes we all need that, a moment of rudimentary truth, as reality surfaces and hits, we realize what we ourselves are faced with. But it could also be because a person who has tremendous experiences and success, just wants to pass down knowledge from experiences, and assist with the best possible intentions. Which are easily conveyed as the end of section with Tilman’s targets. But even as the words are written, conveyed, and read – we ourselves are allowed to construe our own meanings, or what we could say take-away points from the chapters, sections and the book. However, at the end of the book – the author again brings himself to the level of the reader saying: “So since you did shut up and listen, I now can shut up too. And say thank you for letting me share…” (Fertitta, 155).

“thank you for letting me share…” (Fertitta, 155) #TilmanFertitta #SHUTUPANDLISTEN #book #Tilmanism #quote #shaziblog

Whether the closing words were intentional or not, we can associate this to the strategy of carrying what one knows with humble, humility. These are words that Tilman utilizes to describe business persona too. Knowledge itself is a currency. It is of value and worth, but of course not many will know or understand this, especially if there is no monetary return. But it is when one speaks, is able to share what one knows with others – the giver of knowledge, also wants you to know that he / she is approachable. Even if he / she is more knowledgeable, more skilled, or earns more money. In relation to my earlier analysis of Fertitta’s title and book cover: a teacher shares what she knows and reinforces students, with positive reinforcement, or provides phrases such as: we will work through this together, or if you don’t understand, please ask questions. The teacher is once again aligning him / herself to the student. Creating an inviting and learning together environment.

After taking the time to reflect upon my thoughts about book covers and titles, I decided that his could be a great activity for students, who are going to engage in novel study. Analysis of a book cover and title can be done pre – post reading. Educators can easily design and integrate this type of analysis for learning outcomes. Such as: to understand how cover design and title are integral for readership appeal. Activites can be shaped according to lessons / units of study, and specific lesson plan designs.

Note To Author: To the author Tilman J. Fertitta, with regards to my opinion, I would commend the cleverness of cover design and title, as indicated in my thoughts. Through my little analysis I realized how this title and book cover, brings author and reader harmoniously together.

Updated (27th January 2020) ~ As an addition to my earlier thoughts I would also like to include with the novel, any kind of media forms, such as magazines, digital texts, covers created for a song / CD, newspapers, graphic novels and so on.

My thoughts to share with love & kindness! 🙂

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand written on January 26th, 2020.

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