Book Reflections | “CUBA: AN AMERICAN HISTORY” Ada Ferrer.

Winter Reading (s) | As I take the time to reflect upon the first reading of Ada Ferrer’s prologue from the book entitled: “Cuba: An American History” (2021), I was inclined to write upon the impressive reviews to delightfully taste the poetic prose of rich history intertwined with Cuba’s American History. I foresee that Ferrer will challenge and provoke my thoughts – beautifully described as well as excited to read.

I appreciated that ” ‘Ms. Ferrer achieves an honorable objective: pleasing nobody by being just.” THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.” (Ferrer, 2022), that is reflective of my conclusions from the Carrie Gibson book readings (Ferrer; 2022, Gibson; 2014, 2019). Similar to Ms. Gibson, Ms. Ferrer conveys the why of reading history, important and might I also include necessary? Of America’s revolutionary relationship with Cuba she writes: “a clear-eyed reckoning with the past, with history, is the step forward.” (Ferrer, p. 6, 2021). To clearly recognize my why: Knowledge of history allows us to know and foresee why present / current events unfold and continue to reoccur.

I also thank Ms. Ferrer for the inclusion of history as a shared space that includes historical men, women, historical Monarchs, Presidents and leaders (p. 3, 2022) as I look forward to reading more.

Thank you for your writing and research of 30+ years!!


Ferrer, A. (2021). Cuba: An American History. Scribner.

Gibson, C. (2014). Empire’s Crossroads: The Caribbean from Columbus to the Present Day. Pan Macmillan.

Gibson, C. (2019). El Norte: the epic and forgotten story of Hispanic North America. Atlantic Monthly Press.

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With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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