I would like to congratulate the President Biden family for a successful Easter Egg Roll of 2023. I especially love this White House tradition as a symbol of rebirth, renewal and life that is synonymous with Easter: the Risen Lord, the Spirit of Christ Jesus.

It is wonderful to see families and children gather for the occasion of the Egg Roll and especially grateful for a beautiful sunny-day. This event always reminds me of my first visit to Washington DC., USA, as I was sitting on the lawn grass around the back of the White House. I can’t remember the exact name of the area, but I specifically remember the beautiful feeling of the spring breeze, the sun, finding a moment of peace, and of-course having a journal and pen handy is always perfect. Thank you.

The symbols of eggs, chicks, rabbits can create various different meanings to individuals depending upon the constructs that we have created, culture and norms. I love these symbols to evoke the childlike wonder. I also especially appreciate the rabbit animal that is symbolic to earnestly love, associated with the love of humankind, relationships and pro-creations. Animal symbols beyond Easter such as the fashion industry, are representative of wealth, status and evoke a message created by designers.

Thank you First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and President Joseph R. Biden JR., for your beautiful welcome to the families, children and all who participated in the Easter Egg Roll of 2023.

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  • Image 2 – created with canva.com

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With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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