Congratulations and thank you to our Most Holy Father, your holiness Pope Francis, upon your 10th anniversary of Pontificate on March 13th 2023. Pope Francis is the head of the Catholic Church, and the Bishop of Rome. As a member of the Society of Jesus, I am proud and grateful for all your efforts asContinue reading “POPE FRANCIS’ 10 YEARS.”


I took the time to reflect upon the beautiful Lenten Season Mass Services, and felt grateful with a renewed sense of Christ’s presence in one’s life, as we may tend to think that Christ is only for Christmas. But truly God is with us, each and everyday, and even in the times of feeling emptinessContinue reading “REFLECTIONS | LENTEN SEASON.”


For this month I thank all women for their dedicated services in all branches of the United States Military in uniform and civilians for your protection of the homeland domestic and foreign. I recognize the many sacrifices that one must partake, as well as the honor of service that is derived to one’s country. ThankContinue reading “WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH 2023!”