WIthin this writing I reflect upon Chapter 4 of my reading from the book entitled: “EL NORTE.” I specifically became interested at the making of racial categories within what we know today as America.


Within this blog post I share my embroidery project that I have entitled: My American Dream. I convey why this title was important for this art project.


These thoughts are a continuation of my previous reflection pertaining to the sadness I felt within the discovery of history, and also the excitement. I take sometime to flesh the sadness to surface, and give importance to this, and also offer hope, so that within the discovery of history, there is still time to learn, conserve, create and re-create a present and a future.


Within these thoughts I welcome the new instagram account entitled @hearts_forever14325 with the hope of offering inspiration and motivations. I decided to create this instagram account after feeling the emptiness and grief – striken with the loss of many service members. Where many are left to cope with loss and injury of family members. With this simple attempt of provision for hope and human impact.


Have you ever read a book that recommends another book? If you have answered yes, then you must have also picked up the book and read that one too. This is how I felt after I read the book entitled: Happy For No Reason, by Marci Shimnoff. Which actually contains many book recommendations, names ofContinue reading “THE AMERICAN INVENTORS!”