My American Dream is a stitched embroidery project that upon completion I decided upon its name. I wanted to express and convey reminders to the viewer of the idea and desire to dream, to dream and create a life that is lived and loved. I chose the word “my” because a dream in a sense is an individualistic opportunity, to again allow the viewer to claim what is desired within. I believe that at present times, that this idea is now needed more than ever. Where we have faced challenges and societal fragmentations. The tiny individual stitches have created the American Flag with the American Eagle, to also gain another lens to this textile art, that as humans it is our individualisms that make-up the very social-fabrics of a society.

I have tried to capture the detail of this textile art, but of course to see this with the naked eye, you will be able to see the minute detail as well as the efforts to create such design. I am incredibly proud of this art project.

The words that I have utilized to express the contexts, views upon this textile art are my own, please feel free to dream, think and desire of what My American Dream has created with you too. Please accept and enjoy My American Dream. Thank You!

Notes: This art project was completed on May 13th, 2021.

With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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