@hearts_forever14325 is an instagram account that I decided to create after taking the time to reflect upon the the many lives that are being lost from U.S. service military members that have, and are serving at national and international levels. Many who were especially young, who had their entire lives to live with their families. I was especially left in a time of deep reflection after viewing the Steel Hearts Foundation instagram account. With the remembrances and photographs of the many dedicated services members from the American Service Academies whose lives have been taken. Members who served in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. I viewed the account many times before I decided to follow the account, simply because I couldn’t fathom to view the beauty of life taken away too soon, in simple terms – I was grief stricken.

With this grief arrived the desire to do something, what could one do? Whilst ultimately the cause of life and death can be thought of as in the hands of the higher realms. However, death; deaths, especially in the case U.S. military serving at home and abroad is preventable. We can try to prevent death, especially when we think about the desires for peace, love and harmony. The enhancement of military efforts, operations, and to also build diplomacy and peace between nations.

It is with these thoughts I also reflected upon my cyber space presence, to remember why I decided to start a blog and the various social media platforms. Whilst my levels of engagements are not high, I continued to share what I had learned, through my studies, teaching and learning. As well as the endeavours for inspiring and motivation, that came through a personal lens. I found that I had and have missed sharing inspiration, to build love, hope and to essentially create a positive impact. Thus, the creation of @hearts_forever14325.

It is within this Instagram account I would like to once again share positivity, messages of hope, motivation, and thoughts / inspirations. Maybe my thoughts will have a positive effect on someone who felt grief as I did, or build some hope? Nevertheless it is with these thoughts that I would like to welcome @hearts_forever14325. Please note that @hearts_forever14325 is in the process of being created, I will continue to utilize my main instagram @shaziashussain14325 for the sharing of my blogs and personal instagram stories. May Freedom Endure!

  • Image 1 – Free Images by Pexels
  • Image 2 – Personal Photograph
  • Image 3 – Created with CANVA.COM

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God Bless You and God Bless America! My Thoughts To Share With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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