My heartfelt thoughts of love, prayer and condolences for the passing of Her Majesty (HM) the Queen of England Elizabeth II. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away peacefully on September 8th 2022 at Balmoral Castle, Scotland, as announced by Buckingham Palace, London, United Kingdom. Her Majesty was the longest reigning Matriarch Monarch to serve her country as Queen. She began her reign at 21 and served for 70 years, and passed at the chronological age of 96.

It is with great reverence and respect that I share my wishes for sympathy and prayer during the time of your life’s passing. I have truly appreciated your service even in your time of illness, you still had a cheerful smile for the World. I know that you will be greatly missed by the British Royal Family, that you led with strength, determinations and much more. I know that the British public will also feel your loss, during this difficult time of loss and transition.

I took the time to reflect upon your life, in some ways you reminded me of our Grandma’s wisdom. That would always say that to leave life, smiling, laughing, happy, and playful, is the best way to thank life for our living. One day you are smiling, looking healthy and well as you greet the new British Prime Minister, and the next day we hear of your passing.

Maybe you became ill because of loss of Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip? Maybe there is profound truth of souls connected as one, thus to recognize: “Without my soul I am just a body.”

I thank President Joseph R. Biden JR., who has officially conveyed condolences on behalf of The White House, The United States of America, and has ordered the American Flag to fly at half staff. I appreciate that the Washington National Cathedral’s bell has tolled 96 times in honor of HM Queen Elizabeth II. I thank all who have visited the British Embassy in Washington D.C., USA to place flowers on the Union Jack Emblem of the British Flag.

At this time I continue to convey my thoughts of love, prayer, condolences, sympathy and support to HM Queen Elizabeth II Royal Family, family, relatives, friends, loved ones, the British Public, and all who mourn the loss of a World renowned Queen. May God Bless your Earthly life and as God’s chosen Monarch, May your services be accepted as you are embraced by the Queen of Heavens, our blessed Virgin Mary.

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With Love & Kindness.🇺🇸

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