On Sunday January 8th 2022 President Joseph R. Biden Jr., and delegation took a trip to visit the U.S. Southern Border where he landed in El Paso, Texas. A bipartisan group of Republican Senators also visited during this time. Aamid much criticism of the President’s handling of the migrants arriving from Central and South America to the borderlands, I think it was proper to have a bipartisan effort. Which is where I also place emphasis upon the Dignity Act by Repuplican U.S. Congresswoman María Elvira Salazar. To note that there are many efforts created for the purposes of immigrations reforms, but to echo President Biden’s words it is up to congress to act upon these efforts / initiatives.

With regards to Title 42 | I think that there is room to rethink or even lift this code given it’s extremity that could also be creating an expansion of the migrant crisis. To also note that Title 42 and the CDC recommendations may now be somewhat outdated, need to be revisited, or are not appropriate given this very historic rise of human / humanitarian crisis.

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Notes: All views and opinions are my own and are cited as per required. I took the time to reflect upon the border crisis of 2023 to note that these are the very same issues of concern that I wrote / researched upon in 2017 – 2018, to note the repeated and ongoing humanitarian crisis right upon the homeland / bordering lands of The United States of America.

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