I would like to congratulate the Senate Democrats for the passage of The Inflation Reduction Act that was passed on August 8th 2022. While there is Republican opposition for the passage of this bill – I think that the Inflation Reduction Act is a beginning for the American People, that deserve some-kind of relief during this time of recession to recovery.

The Inflation Reduction Act will address and invest in key issues of Energy and Climate Care, Affordable Care, Tax reform and lowering the costs of prescription drugs. I think that more efforts and investments should be sought for individuals, such as the price of groceries, personal care, everyday needs, consumptions, and integrating alternative healing methods.

These types of investments are needed for populations, especially when I reflect upon the the years of investments into the the creation of Sports Legends, TV, Film Actors and so on, the few select that get to reap benefits. While what you do is integral to our human ecosystem of life, living and entertainment. We must too remember that fans and fan-bases are also those individuals who are struggling, would want to be able to have a dignified dinner / supper of the table, and also support our local and national teams, and also find ways to watch the arts, theatre, films, concerts, etcetera. 🙂

I pondered upon the process of passing the legislation, that was also viewed as Vote-A-Rama, because the U.S. House of Representatives had to stay awake all-through the night for the vote. I wondered that if all 50 Democrats passed the vote and 1 more vote was needed from the tie-break. It is a given that Vice-President Kamala Harris would have voted on the Democratic side for the legislation to pass.

At this time I congratulate the Senate for the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, I look forward to the complete passage from the house, and the signing into law. However; I also note the improvements that are needed.

Further Reading: Marco Rubio U.S. Senator For Florida Rubio Slams Democrat Bill: “There Isn’t a Single Thing That Helps Working People”

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With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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