I would like to congratulate the World of Baseball and the World Baseball Classic finals of 2023 for the completion of the competition with Japan as the winners of the 2023 trophy. I decided to watch the Baseball game that was taking place in the Miami Stadium, Florida. While the Cuba vs. USA game caused tensions pertaining to individuals who were not allowed to protest in the stadium, I reflected upon how voices are silenced, in particular respect to Cuba’s freedom movements, that absolutely do affect Miami given proximity to Cuba. I am sure that individuals living in Miami or the neighbourhoods can speak much more to the Cuba Libre, Patria Y Vida, SOS Cuba Libre movements.

The Miami stadium was once more packed with fans for the USA vs. Japan final game. I appreciated that fans / supporters still gathered even if their team did not reach the finals or win. I know that to not win is sometimes very difficult to digest, and actually feels like rejection. Like a mother who births a child into the World that does not feel the loving embrace as natural, tender, loving, care. We may almost feel a bias within my thoughts given that I was cheering for the United States of America for the final win of 2023. I appreciate that the team members delivered with heart and soul, I am happy to cheer and support you, and thank you for the defence of the 2017 title. Thank You!

But it is within these moments we also embrace the idea of good sportsmanship, and recognize that 2023 Champions as Japan. The final inning and finish between Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout did convey much more than simply baseball. Both athletes / team members are with the Los Angeles Angels representing Team Japan. I am proud of your win, especially for the successful completion of the tournament delayed from the Coronavirus health pandemic.

Congratulations Team Japan winners of the World Baseball Classic 2023!!

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With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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