As the season prepares for the time of Advent, Christmas, and the new year celebrations, I take the time to reflect upon the thankfulness, as a moment of preparation to remain in a state of thankfulness, regardless of what is going on within, or the external environment; to remain thankful for what one has. Celebrations are not always celebrated as to how they are perceived. Particularly as relations change, shift. The remembrances of loved ones, the ones we yearn and crave for. Or the less-fortunate, the homeless, youth-at-risk, the sick, needy and vulnerable individuals / populations. Who have probably been forgotten more so – because of the COVID19 health pandemic, that has remained at the forefront.

It is especially during times of thanksgiving and the season of Christmas, where communal efforts strive to assist the less-fortunate, those in care or in need. What the health pandemic has revealed is the strife for health-care for all, that is needed especially for the act and desire to serve, and be of service to populations / individuals, that I have mentioned within this writing. I wonder if these words would simmer, as we decorate or bring the season to life?

Because truly the season comes to life from the spirit, within. A feeling. A sense of thanks and gratefulness. And even to take a moment to remember, recognize, and embrace the feelings and memories of those who we hold close to our heart. Relations may not be perfect, not as they were. But the same is also for the cycle of life. Ever changing. Maybe this is what is also know as the diamond in the rough!

It is with these thoughts I offer a moment of reflection and thankfulness to all walks of life, may you embrace this time as you choose to celebrate, as life and health permits.

My Thoughts To Share With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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