On the fourth Thursday of November American thanksgiving is celebrated which is the 25th of November 2021. What distinguishes the American thanksgiving to other thanksgiving stories as celebrated throughout the world is the true story of the Pilgrims, these were the English settlers in America who celebrated their first harvest in the Americas with the Wampanoag Indians. This is also a time to mark the beginning of the Christmas and traditional winter season.

The Pilgrims were the English settlers who arrived on the Mayflower in todays Plymouth, Massachusetts and what was then known as the Plymouth colony. The American thanksgiving traditionally is a time to reflect upon our many blessings, to share meals with the less-fortunate or those who are considered as poor when possible. I appreciate the American thanksgiving story in particular, as we think about the seeds of patience that are required for harvest, and the joys and celebration of abundance.

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Image Link The First Thanksgiving 1912 – 1915 | Oil on Canvas

Notes: This blog post will be updated as the accuracy of this thanksgiving story is questionable (Updated 25th November 2021)

With love & Kindness!

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