Robert Trump.

On August 15th 2020 the brother of President Donald J. Trump, Robert Trump passed away in New York. He was 71 years young. With the event of the loss of kin, we take the time to put aside political party politics, and extend our sympathies to President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, family members, lovedContinue reading “Robert Trump.”


These thoughts are a continuation of my previous reflection pertaining to the sadness I felt within the discovery of history, and also the excitement. I take sometime to flesh the sadness to surface, and give importance to this, and also offer hope, so that within the discovery of history, there is still time to learn, conserve, create and re-create a present and a future.


Within these thoughts I welcome the new instagram account entitled @hearts_forever14325 with the hope of offering inspiration and motivations. I decided to create this instagram account after feeling the emptiness and grief – striken with the loss of many service members. Where many are left to cope with loss and injury of family members. With this simple attempt of provision for hope and human impact.


Sugar Skulls are utilized often for the purposes of celebration and commemoration during the Day of the Dead / Dia De Los Muertos. They were also symbolic of traditions and customs during the pre-Columbian era as a representation of re-birth, as well as for the Roman Catholic faith of All Souls Day. These images areContinue reading “SUGAR SKULL!”


Friday August the 7th, 2020 is the observance for Purple Heart Day. Purple Heart Day was established for the recognition of the United States Military, who were either wounded or killed on or during April 5th, 1917. On this day we thank, remember and honor, all who have served and sacrificed for a nation. ThankContinue reading “PURPLE HEART DAY.”


These thoughts are a continuation from the journey of study of American History. Within these thoughts I offer a reflective tone, that encompasses a sadness of history tied to the Spanish Explorations, and development of settlements that is deeply entrenched within America present day, but feels somewhat on the brink of being diminished, especially through the development of present day politics.


Our thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives, loved ones, and all who have been affected with the explosion that took place in Beirut, Lebanon, on August 4th 2020. This tragic explosion has taken over 100 lives and injured thousands. It is troubling, and deeply saddening to see the images of thisContinue reading “BEIRUT EXPLOSION, LEBANON.”


Our thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, loved ones, the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marines, who mourn the loss of eight military members; 7 Marines and 1 Navy Sailor, who went missing as a vehicle sank during a training exercise near San Clemente Island. They went missing on July 30th, 2020Continue reading “UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS”