Monday September 6th 2021 is recognized as Labor Day, this is a holiday that was established in 1894 to recognize the American Labor Movement, and the rights of workers specifically from the skilled fields. This was particularly a turning point for those who suffered very bad working conditions, the over-worked, the poor, immigrants and muchContinue reading “LABOR DAY 2021.”


THE NEW YORK TIMES | What we know about the 13 U.S. service members killed in the Kabul attack. Related Blog Posts: WHY IT MATTERS. KABUL AIRPORT ATTACK. 08.27.2021. IS IT REAL? REFLECTION | IS IT REAL? LOVE AND HONOR 🇺🇸


My thoughts of love, prayer, condolences and support to everyone who has and is being affected with Hurricane IDA. Ida made landfall on August 29th near Port Fourchon, Louisiana. The hurricane was later down-graded to a tropical storm, thus the destruction upon its path continued. On the evening of September 1st 2021 the state ofContinue reading “HURRICANE IDA.”


This writing is a reflection of my previous blog post entitled: Is It Real? To connect with the human response to grief and to peer a step forward with the resettling of Afghan Evacuees as a mechanism to carry the hopes and desires of the U.S. service members whose lives were risen from the Kabul terror attack.


Within this writing I reflect upon the USA mission in Afghanistan to connect with worldwide regional humanitarian crisis such as in Venezuela and Syria. Since writing these words I wondered what words are left to describe the young lives who died to save others, to further question the socially constructed divides that are created by such terror attacks. I continue to remain proud of USA humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan.


Written in honor of our thirteen (13) fallen heroes during the tragedy of the Afghanistan Attacks at Hamid Karzai Airport, Kabul. We honor you and remain in deep gratitude for your service and sacrifice for nation. I continue to pray for the families of this tragedy to offer these words to you who face theContinue reading “08.27.2021.”


Pictured and written on August 24th 2021. Dedication: RED FRIDAY | To all active service members, military, civilians, national and international, thank you for your service. With Love & Kindness! 🙂


My thoughts of love and good wishes to all the athletes competing at the Paralympics 2020, that was delayed for one (1) year and is taking place in 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. It is inspiring and encouraging to view those who have (dis) abilities taking part with the sport. Whilst the Paralympic is necessary forContinue reading “PARALYMPICS 2020.”