The truth is that the novel Coronavirus Virus (COVID-19) is spreading. Causing death, illness and many individuals who are suffering from the symptoms. As nations begin to grapple with the seriousness of this disease, words such as prevention and cure come to mind. With the arrival of any pandemic are also mindsets of: anxiety and fear of the unknown. Where do we not know what will happen next. This is where we can think of words such as: disease control. Disease and the word control is especially important. Especially when there is an emergency and patterns of lives being lost. It is necessary to take strong action. Action that might be considered as inflated by some. For instance: Travel bans, or the shutting of schools, might seem like an exaggerated response. But this is where the idea of disease control come into play.

Whilst at the macro-levels we hear of Governments who are taking strong action, measures of control to contain and prevent, we have to also remember that ant statement that is made at the Presidential level is and should be done with consideration and consultation from specialists. For instance: President Trump is not a health specialist, therefore his administration and team will reach out to the specialist and experts who have the necessary skills, expertise to advise The White House. Which is what makes The White House Coronavirus Task Force led by, V. P. Mike Pence. Organizations such as the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) or The National Institute of Health (NIH), who also serve as advisories. I would actually commend the response from President Trump and his administration, whether it was exaggerated or not, only time can tell.

A description of Coronavirus includes: “a kind of common virus that causes infection in your nose, sinuses, or upper throat.” (WebMD, 2020, “Coronavirus”) Whist the virus has emerged in the spotlight, and media’s eye more so now, especially because of the high death rate and cases, it must be known that viruses such as these have been active throughout the years more or less so. In the form of SARS, Bird Flu / Influenza. These are also related to times of pandemic, such as the present. Whilst it is of course necessary to enforce controlling measures, it is also important to reassure the mass public, for the purposes of prevention and reducing risk.

It must also be known that the creation of a virus is also enabled by technological advancements, used for as a form of biological weapon. According to a research report by the Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College (Sokolski, 2006) it is evident that biological threats are real and need to be attended too. However, it must also be noted that treaties that exist between nations should be maintained and upheld, especially in terms of nuclear controls, and the rising of nuclear nations and tensions. Sokolski (2006) believes that, “anti-American sentiment” will lead to “doomsday” (Sokolski, 2006, p. 3).

So whilst there are some who understand and are familiar with the underlying root cause of the unleashing of a biological weapon such as a virus, we have to also consider why? Taking hard and concise measures of control is absolutely vital to protect the public from harm or further escalations. It is unfortunate that most of the time it wil be due to nation to nation disagreements, and it is the innocent human beings, mass public who suffer. And it really is up to leaders of nations to work together to resolve, and tame a real threat that has been unleashed. As sad as it may sound, and as a last resort, nations are willing to take up arms to go to war. Bio-technology used as weapons for destruction are exactly an example of a nation taking up arms.

It is with these thoughts I would like to commend a strong North American response of control and containment from the Trump Administration. It goes without saying that the loss of life and suffering of those affected is a very delicate and fragile matter. We should be grateful and thankful for nations who look – out for the best interests of their people, and declarations of emergency which allow for a collective humanitarian response. However; we can think or compare to nations such as Venezuela and the political crisis, the effect upon humanity. The World Health Organization fails to declare an emergency, or the United Nations fail to implement International Law to allow for resolution of a political crisis. Or closer to home we can think of migrants who travel between the U.S. / Mexico borders to seek safety, and are face the very brutal treatment they seek to escape.

It is within these times of control we also purport a sense of optimism. We understand that there has been an effect upon the economy, trade, services and goods, but the rippling effects should also serve to send a message to Governments who are in dispute and those who desire to utilize a biological weapon. We could assume that those who will truly benefit are the Pharmaceutical industry who wants there share of the pie.

The Ripples: Coronavirus (COVID-19) has had an effect upon human health, the development of a tragedy, and suffering. Business, economy and human morale has been affected. Various sectors will experience loss, while others such as health-care will expire a boom in service and product demand. Macro-Control and Intervention has taken place. At the micro-level of family, businesses work, educational environments, sports and entertainment there is also an effect with events being cancelled and adaptations taking place.


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Our thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to all who have suffered loss during this human tragedy / pandemic. We continue to pray for the containment of the virus, and the minimizing of the death rate, suffering and cases.

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on March 13th 2020. The last 2 paragraphs were updated on March 15th 2020. The thoughts pertaining to biotechnology are specifically referring to Biology developed as a weapon.

My thoughts to share with love & kindness! 🌹

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