The COVID-19 Crisis.

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The truth is that within our lives we’ve faced personal crisis, and challenges that are derived from personal situation / circumstances or the influxes from the economy; such as the effects of natural disasters or terrorism. Through these challenges it is the human strength, spirit, at the individual and collective levels that allow us to come through times of personal and collective crisis. This is what I thought about with the current crisis, and global / international pandemic of the Corona Virus, COVIC-19. As written previously, this pandemic can be assimilated to past outbreaks such as, SARS, ECOLI, Bird flu and so on. But what is interesting about the coronavirus is urgency and emergency, the deaths and rising of cases. Of course it is right and just to take measures for the purpose of prevention, and to take one out of harms way.

Whereas many have been forced to stay home, take leave from work, schools closing, and the entertainment , sport and hospitality industries, forcing cancelations, or an adjustment to services. So what we could actually say is that we are living through a health crisis and emergency of our time. But to echo the words of First Lady Melania Trump: Schools, businesses, work environments, sports, entertainment will resume. Open-borders that are symbolic of friendship, trade, services, travel, tourism and sources of hope for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers will re-open.

Anyone who has felt the economic effects upon a business will truly know what is expected through challenging times. But how much can one be prepared or not? This is what came to mind, when I was reading chapter 10 – “A Five Year Reprieve” of Tilman Fertitta’s book entitled: “SHUT UP AND LISTEN: HARD BUSINESS TRUTHS THAT WILL HELP YOU SUCCEED.” Fertitta describes the 1970’s Texas banking situation, “Texas had the most banks of any state in America. Not only was the oil business going great … local legislators had limited outside competition” (Fertitta, 86). The limited outside competition allowed for growth within, as bankers were secure with their markets / customer. However, as commercial activity was allowed for competitors, the booming industry collapsed and banks failed (86). Whilst the situation was horrific for business and the economy, Fertitta views a resulting opportunity. “As a result I didn’t have to make any debt payments – there was no one to make payments to” (87). The financial panic eventually restored.

Fertitta illustrates the “recognizing opportunity and making the most of it” (88). In a similar way, even as we are experiencing a dire human health crisis that is taking a toll upon human life, of course we don’t want to seek opportunity through loosing human life, injury or suffering. But for all who are experiencing the residual effects of the Corona Virus such as businesses; is to find opportunity through adjustment. Individuals still need to eat food to survive. Because human survival is at the forefront right now. Finding opportunity through making adjustments, and catering for the needs of individuals . families, will allow for fulfilling one aspect for the criteria of human survival.

Other offers for assistance we are seeing are from macro-level Government, such as financial stimulus, and assisting businesses and individuals who are experiencing hardship from the Coronavirus. But it goes without saying that we are living in the midst of a crisis, however; mindset and attitude is the very thing that will propel us to handle, hope and cope.

“I was determined not to fall victim.”

Tilman Fertitta, P. 90, 2019.

I continue to hope and pray that the COVID-19 virus will be contained as much as possible. It is very devastating to hear about the many lives and cases that are being taken. Our thoughts remain with all nations who are being affected. In a particular way we pray for Italy who now has the highest death rate from this virus. Thank you to all leadership, healthcare professionals / practitioners, families and individuals who are doing their part to help contain, control and are trying to prevent the loss of human life from this virus.

Reference: Fertitta, J. Tilman. SHUT UP AND LISTEN. HarperCollins Leadership, 2019.

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on March 19th, 2020.I was inspired to write these thoughts from the above tweet, that was shared by Tilman J. Fertitta on March 18th, 2020.

My thoughts to share with love & kindness! 🌹

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