The truth is that the Coronavirus has taken an enormous toll upon all sectors of industry. From primary, secondary to tertiary levels. We have heard of losses from the farmers who raises cattle, as a source for survival, local businesses, millionaires, billionaires or CEO’s of industry who are also reporting losses. Hence, the Government initiatives to facilitate those in times of need, can assist with some economic / financial losses. Within this tumultuous time is an opportunity, especially for those whose firm foundation of survival is somewhat stable.

“Balance is vital when confronting change.” #ShaziaBlog #TilmanFertitta #ShutUpAndListen #Txlege #TexasBizStrong #Coronavirus

To exemplify my thought, we can think about the recent announcement from Landry’s, Inc. CEO Mr. Tilman J. Fertitta and the Fertitta family. Who announced that their employees and businesses, who have faced losses are able to apply for assistance. This is a type of initiative that CEO’s or businesses are offering, as a way to help their employees, with additional accommodative aspects to serve customers too. Mr. Fertitta has also provided a free meals program to first responders, employees and their families who have been affected by the Coronavirus crisis.

We can think of that these types of initiatives are also sending an implicit message to employees, such as: we are there for you, and we are a family. Additionally we can link this initiative to the latest executive order by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, that included the establishment of a task force for the preparation of the ease of COVID19 restrictions. The task – force will be essential for the purposes of re-opening Texas, as the state re-emerges from the Coronavirus pandemic. Members of the task force also include Mr. Tilman J. Fertitta. Involvements such as this for the purposes of public services, helping to rebuild the community / economy, again reveal the individual character, beyond the dollar value that one is associated with.

“When times are tough, that’s when great leaders step up and keep everyone motivated and focused.” #ShaziaBlog #TilmanFertitta #ShutUpAndListen #Txlege #TexasBizStrong #Coronavirus

Being a part of a task force or committee also shows value and care that the people, in this case: the people and communities of Texas appreciate what local leaders have added – simply added value. Added to the economy and going beyond the politics. In this case: Governor Abbott has also recognized that Texas must truly come together. Invite the expertise and skills, to develop a task force. Whilst there might be speculation of when local economies should begin to re-emerge, or ease restrictions: Leadership is also about thinking and planning ahead, so that initiatives are ready when the timing for local economies to emerge is right. Which is why having people with specialist and expertise in a variety of fields is a good decision.

Governor Abbott’s Task Force includes the following members:

  • Lt. Gov Dan Patrick – consulting member
  • Kendra Scott – Founder and CEO, Kendra Scott
  • Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale – Owner, Gallery Furniture 
  • Ross Perot Jr. – Chairman, The Perot Group
  • Tilman Fertitta – Chairman, CEO, and sole owner, Landry’s, Inc.
  • Nancy Kinder – President & CEO, Kinder Foundation
  • James Huffines – Strike Force chair

“Talented people are those equipped to anticipate and make the most out of the change…” #ShaziaBlog #TilmanFertitta #ShutUpAndListen #Txlege #TexasBizStrong #Coronavirus

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We all have the power to give. Even in a state of nothingness, or with the possession of more or less, we still possess the power to give. Maybe it is within the state of nothingness, the giving also becomes a revelation of one’s character. What this crisis has revealed is that sometimes the giving is also towards the self, to love and care for the health, safety and well-being of you as a person, and those that surround you. Giving comes in all shapes and forms, a kind gesture, a loving word to uplift and inspire. Ultimately what we have is what one gives.

Reference for quotes cited by Mr. Tilman J. Fertitta as follows:

Fertitta, J. Tilman. SHUT UP AND LISTEN. HarperCollins Leadership, 2019.

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on April 24th 2020.

My thoughts to share with love & kindness! 🙂

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