On Palm Sunday I would like to wish everyone that commemorates a blessed Palm Sunday. In a special way the Catholic Christian, Christian World and all denominations of Christians who commemorate, and take part in Palm Sunday services. Palm Sunday recognizes Jesus’ entrance to the lands of Jerusalem, Israel. The palms, olive branches, and other types of branches are significant reminders of the joyous entrance to the holy lands, where palms were scattered on the floor as Jesus rode into the holy and treasured lands. May this day that marks the beginning of the Holy Week of Easter, be a time where one is able to reflect upon the joy of this entrance. Even as Jesus knew of what was to come in the days ahead. The Holy Week anticipates the passion, death and resurrection of Christ Jesus. The wearing of the color red is representative of the blood of Christ. May we be strengthened and renewed with the knowing of your eternal and everlasting presence. God Bless all of faith during this sacred spiritual time. Thank you. In Christ Jesus – Amen.

With Love & Kindness. 🇺🇸🌿

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