I would like to take the time to congratulate Mr. Elon Reeve Musk., FRS and all the team members, support staff for the successful launch of Space X Falcon 9 Axiom (Ax-2) Space Mission. I am proud to join in, congratulate and support this mission with human crew members abroad. I was interested to learnContinue reading “CONGRATULATIONS! AX-2 MISSION.”


As I close my eyes and drift away to a land where there is love, health, peace and blessings…… I wanted to take the time to thank and appreciate Mr. Elon Reeve Musk, FRS., for the recent tweet post as follows: From this post I learned that Soros or Mr. George Soros is an AmericanContinue reading “MARVEL GRAPHICS | LITERACY AND POLITICS.”


As I took the time to reflect upon the idea of the Final Four. Which is also the title of the Men’s and Women’s College Basketball final tournament, (National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA), I drew inferences from bible passages to connect with the number 4, please see tweets below: I later reflected upon a winContinue reading “GOD AND COUNTRY | DIOS Y LA PATRIA”


As I was listening to the song entitled “Forever Forward” by Granger Smith as part of the soundtrack album for the film: “Moonrise.” I reflected upon the title and the main lyrical words of “Forever Forward,” especially as words associated with politics such as: President Biden’s #BuildBackBetter. In previous writing I wrote of #BuildBetterForward, butContinue reading ““FOREVER FORWARD””


I have often tried to describe the union of the soul, spirit, the binding of human love, as the physical and spiritual form to that of a Godly form, that elevates the human form, beyond the reach of the Earthly forms – as a holy and spiritual communion. Body, flesh, mind and spirit. This isContinue reading “ONE COMMUNION!”


I was inspired to write this quote as I was recently reading the words EN VIVO! As shared by Senator M. Rubio’s (R-FLA.) twitter feed. To tell you the truth I was actually quite surprised to see these words that I absolutely love. The word (s) EN VIVO is translated from Spanish as live withContinue reading “EN VIVO!”


Within this writing I reflect upon the scene entitled as” Castles in the Air” from the book” “Little Women” By Louisa May Alcott.

F1!!! :D

The F1 Mexico GP acceptance speech served as a wonderful learning example of the social psychology in-group and out-group theory to gain insights into the study of social phenomenon.


Within this writing I share a moment of hope that was derived from reading passages from the book entitled: “THE WORLDS GREATEST PROPOSALS” by Fred Cuellar. This reading was very personal and deep especially as I reflected upon the pain of severed relations, to once again find the continual hope of human to human love.


I am profoundly grateful and thankful that I was able to get a hardcopy edition of Carrie Gibson’s book entitled: “EL NORTE The Epic and Forgotten History of Hispanic North America” (Gibson, 2019). As I have just begun to read the first few pages, I know that this read will be one of great learning,Continue reading ““EL NORTE””