As I took the time to reflect upon the scene where the March girls, Jo (Josephine), Meg (Margaret), Beth (Elizabeth), Amy and their neighbor Laurie are describing their Castle. Which can be thought of as a metaphor to describe one’s dreams for life: a castle that contains our dreams, that one would love to bring to life. I connected the word Castle to Germany that is famed for its Castles, as well as to be mentioned in this scene, and the Disneyland Castle in California. With reference to translate the word Castle from English to Spanish and French, to connect with America’s shared history within her formation. Castle, Casa / Castille, Chateau. What is your Castle?

Within this scene that is entitled as: “Castles in the Air” from the Book / Film “Little Women”, the characters describe their dreams, they also become disheartened, frustrated, at the very idea of achieving the dreams, desires, that are placed within the heart. I simply reflected upon this scene. Where we are today may not have been where we were, or where we desire to be. Thus, ones Casa / Castle, dreams, desires are shifting within life’s continuum. But it is where we are today, that gives us the ability to dream, desire. Sometimes we become frustrated, anxious, the harsh realties of life become at the forefront and to simply let go………. What is you Castle / Casa?

Notes | This writing is a reflection of my recent reading of LouisaMay Alcott’s “Little Women” from the scene entitled as “Castles in the Air.” I originally thought to write on February 7th 2022 and developed and completed my thoughts on February 21st 2022. These are my own brief views and opinions, where anyone is able to develop their own views / opinions from the book reading and scenes. Thank you!

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With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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