These thoughts are a continuation of previous blog posts with reference to the writing entitled: The Two Narratives. Within these thoughts I attempt to offer a conclusive thought,. With a moment of unity and the point of a cusp, to further describe that the larger issues are tackled within the lens of the microcosm. Communities / systems to create results, thus; what else matters? #ShaziaBlog


This blog post is a reflection of previous thoughts and current events relating to the George Floyd death and protests that have occurred world wide. I take the time to think about worldwide conflicts that also require mass public attention, with a hope that resolutions can be found to unify a nation and even a world that has become divided to black and white. However, we must refocus to see the beautiful colors, the colors of humankind, that are interwoven to create the very fabrics of society. #ShaziaBlog


On June 6th 2020, it is the commemoration of the 76th anniversary of D-Day. Where allied forces joined together to become victorious on June 6th, 1944. The countries involved in D-Day and the battle of Normandy during WWII were: United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada. Troops from Australia, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Denmark,¬†France, Greece, the Netherlands,Continue reading “D-DAY.”

“The Spanish Princess”

This blog post are thoughts that reflect upon the historical T.V. Drama series entitled: The Spanish Princess, with an admiration for the qualities of leadership found within Catherine of Aragon – Princess of Spain. With a focus on letter writing, forms of communication and the fate of her love with the Tudor family. #ShaziaBlog