For this month I thank all women for their dedicated services in all branches of the United States Military in uniform and civilians for your protection of the homeland domestic and foreign. I recognize the many sacrifices that one must partake, as well as the honor of service that is derived to one’s country. ThankContinue reading “WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH 2023!”


I would like to wish everyone who celebrates and commemorates Women’s History Month a very happy month of celebrations, especially to reflect upon the contribution of women through the many facets of life. The one’s who are in the midst of struggle to survive for their life, trying to keep their children safe, at-home andContinue reading “WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH 2022!!!”


On March 8th 2021 Dr. Jill Biden delivered a speech to celebrate women and the recipients for the Women of Courage awards ceremony that was held as a virtual event. It was lovely to see the First Lady participate in the events held by the Biden Administration / state department. I absolutely loved your colorfulContinue reading “INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!”


These words are written to reflect upon Women’s History Month, notable women throughout history, as well as women and men who inspire each and everyday to influence and enable the contributions that women make, to further connect with my own personal desire to honor and feel thankful for my own life. Happy Women’s History Month!