I would like to wish everyone a very happy women’s history month 2023! Happy Women’s History Month!! The month of March recognizes women national and international for the historical and contemporary achievements!! #ShaziaBlog #WomensHistoryMonth2023

For this month I thank all women for their dedicated services in all branches of the United States Military in uniform and civilians for your protection of the homeland domestic and foreign. I recognize the many sacrifices that one must partake, as well as the honor of service that is derived to one’s country. Thank you.

In the element of sacrifice, I reflect upon the Mother Mary, who birthed her son Christ Jesus and the wounds as the crucified Jesus was laid in her arms.

I also thank the President Joseph R. Biden JR., administration for your welcome reception to celebrate the beginning of Women’s History Month 2023. Thank you. I appreciate the White Houses’ proclamation for Women’s History Month, and especially the participation of women. And of course given political views there will always be differences of opinion within this participation. Especially to note the protection of the unborn, and the sacred gift of life that women too also seek to protect.

With the beginning of this Month I also reiterate and thank all including Women, Men, Mentors / teachers, parents, care-gives, guardians, and all that support and encourage the development of women, and the too often unnoticed commitment of women / mothers who are remain in the homes as full time caregivers to children that is essential as developing careers too.

Thank you. Happy Women’s History Month 2023.

¡Me gustaría desearles a todos un muy feliz mes de la historia de la mujer 2023! ¡¡Feliz Mes de la Historia de la Mujer!! ¡El mes de marzo reconoce a las mujeres nacionales e internacionales por los logros históricos y contemporáneos! #ShaziaBlog #MujeresHistoriaMes2023

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With Love & Kindness!🇺🇸 💐

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