Wishing everyone who celebrates a very happy InternationalWomen’s day! #ShaziaBlog #IWD2021 #InternationalWomensDay

On March 8th 2021 Dr. Jill Biden delivered a speech to celebrate women and the recipients for the Women of Courage awards ceremony that was held as a virtual event. It was lovely to see the First Lady participate in the events held by the Biden Administration / state department. I absolutely loved your colorful dress and beautiful words that were full of the life giving force, the natural tendency of the human flow. I was reminded of my time serving within community organizations and contributing to the Pot Luck Lunches for International Women’s Day.

It is also with these words I would like to take the time to honor our 45th First Lady – Melania Trump an immigrant women full of potential, not forgetting the beautiful fashionable tastes. Who deserves this moment as well. I love fashion, design of all kinds. I guess this stems from my taking my home economics / sewing classes during high school.

For this month I would like to share and International women of great admiration and courage; Benazir Bhutto – Former Pakistani politician and Prime Minister who was tragically assassinated. Your efforts, strength and determination continue to inspire me.

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Notes: These thoughts were originally shared on March 8th and updated on March 9th 2021. I will continue to share women of courage or thoughts as they emerge upon this page. Thank you.

With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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