I wanted to take the time to reflect upon Women’s History Month. Whilst there have been notable women throughout history and present day who have made significant contributions to our world. I decided to take a moment to honor and appreciate women such as: a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, grand-daughter and so on. We can also think about the women who are not blood-related but can fit in to the categories that have been listed, who also take on these vital roles as well. Individuals act as care-givers, guardians, give love and embrace you as you are. Maybe it is the select few that influence our lives that enable and inspire us, including the notable women throughout history.

It is with these words I would also like to take the time to feel thankful for my own life as a woman – matriarch and someone who has survived much. I know that I am grateful for the love I have received, and grateful that I was able to re-learn how to walk. This is why I take the time to cherish and love my legs and feet. Although I am not painless, I can walk, I know how it feels to become immobile, and especially the heart wrenching feeling of not being able to have freedom of movement to dance.

Maybe many of us won’t go down in the history books, but we are the pioneers of our own story. And remember those who love you will never require explanation, but rather embrace you for who you are, that is the beauty of unconditional love!

Happy Women’s History Month!

I would like to dedicate Image #3 to all the women at the Golden Globe Awards who take the time to dress-up, look their best, sometimes a little uncomfortable so that they are pleasing to the eyes of others as well as to make performance such as these possible and beautiful! Thank you!

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My Thoughts To Share With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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