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I wanted to take the time to think and reflect upon the recent Mr. Elon Reeve Musk, FRS., interview / conversation with Bill Maher upon the Late Show: Bill Maher, Real-Time HBO MAX on April 30th 2023. While I know that it has been awhile since the interview. I wanted to mention a few points, given the fleshy pieces of new information, views and opinions, that are important for our considerations.

I thank Bill Maher for Musk’s introductions with the creations of Electric cars, space travel, satellites, interests of political views and opinions. Musk’s busyness of creations; while may not be in the same forms, reminded me of the work of a mother. That has to take care of many aspects involving running a household, that are rooted from the home and stem outward to achieve and attain the aspects for within. With of-course the need to remain informed.

I appreciate that you shared the view of knowledge – the power of knowledge, that once obtained can be viewed as a human tool that works in various ways. To bring forth the metaphor of a good or evil genius? However, it also depends upon how one decides to cultivate what is known. But given the situation of war and peace – information is also the warriors tool. Cultivate, create, a subtle navigation for human decency, survival of civilization, that often also involve the physical aspects of the body, to suffer wounds and heal together for the very same cause.

I reflected upon the idea of the people in technology that are known as the Card Dealers. This is quite true given that tech owners also possess some-kind of controls to their technological creations, where mass-populations can be affected in a very instant. This is especially true as we think about communications and human connection with technology. That include the control and uses of satellite systems, that may be regarded as superior? Technologies meet to either be creators or shut-down human creativity, connections and so forth. This could also be driven from the need to voice specific concerns, market-share, net values and so on.

I appreciate and agree with the idea associated with news-media to create a kind of social molding, and generation of a mass social public opinion. That also intersects with the woke mind. These efforts are what social scientists regard as the formulation of public opinion. A kind of ground-level of knowing if you will, or simply what is happening in the World. But this doesn’t mean that it is right or wrong. But the informed person may absolutely sat that this is either wrong or right. Given the level of the formed opinion that also evokes the idea of +/- human intelligence as a hierarchical organization of society.

The idea of life as an open book which intersects with the internet and access to information can be drawn to human-life. Where the gathering and sharing of information stipulates what is private or public? Can a human-being really have a private life? When the sharing of information becomes data and is very publicly accessible? Which also includes technological companies that have access and are associated with tech net.

However, populations are also protected with specific laws of consumer protection to privacy. And technology aside for a moment: I think that human beings that are able to connect human to human, create human relations in flesh and body privately are actually very blessed. Which also evokes the idea of a simple life. Where mind that are stretched together are returned together.

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I thank you for sharing the Memes that maybe I am not too familiar with, but do find humor. Which is important given that knowledge, technology or information wars can become dense, heavy upon the heart to carry alone sometimes.

With respect to free-speech that is also considered a liberal value to society, I agree that one must be able to push forth an idea, view or opinion, and thank all that desire to protect free speech. But in some cases or more, what one says or a claim is desired to be backed-up. We can think about researchers who find scientific evidence from other researchers to substantiate a claim. When a thought, idea or speech is spoken / said beyond the realms of academia, then I think having a person to backup a claim, or what is said can be astounding. Given the effect of what one-person can say, impact upon public opinion, or the social molding of society.

Now this kind of thought may not be approved or in agreement with Government institutions, if it is then: great. But it is quite normal historically speaking, that the pioneers of such great thought were never truly appreciated or approved at the time of. I reflect upon my own university experiences where I had to completely erase my website blog-posts. A lot of what I wrote had to be taken down. And even if not directly involved with American politics, the formulation of a Republican view is very often bashed and shut-down.

I do remember feeling disheartened very much, and the irony of nationalism within academic institutions is that, most scientific journals, articles, and authors are based in the United States of America, we are seeing more collaborations from Europe and Britain as well. The idea of censorship or wanting to seal the mind is one that is historical and to present day. But I think there should not be a cause to completely feel hopeless. Such views and opinions can be held with one person’s loving hands, who desires to encourage the mind. Or the right kind and type of institution / company / corporation, where the development of human thought / creativity is valued as precious.

Musk’s word of extreme was reflected upon. Most of the time I am familiar with the use of extreme associated with terrorism, and terrorist attacks, directly upon the United States of America. However, the use and construct of extreme has since been expanded, as I meditated upon the idea of extreme as a kind of good. Such as a form of extreme love and protection, that stems from an extreme concern for the survival of human civilization, that ultimately I appreciate.

Recent thought upon human private and intimate relations such as extreme love for one-another, does not stipulate that one is not mindful of human sexuality, gender and gender identity. One can embrace all forms of human sexulaity, and still be very much mindful of keeping one’s own sexual identity, human relations safe, secure, alive and well. Just because one is heterogeneous, it doesn’t mean that one should discriminate on the basis of gender / sexual identity.

Writing upon such topics is needed and necessary. And even publishing upon a public platform, does not mean that what one is saying is going to be approved or disapproved, because sometimes if not more: quite often people will begin to use one’s words against you. Which also connected back to the idea of free-speech. The ability to embrace a view or idea, to be able to agree and disagree respectfully, simply may boil down to the level of human consciousness, human awareness, thus; human intelligence as hierarchical.

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on May 24th 2023. All views and opinions are my own and are directly associated with the Mr. Musk’s convestation / interview with Bill Maher. It must be noted that this interview took place during the late hours, thus; to take note of the rating system for audience viewing, conversations that are totally acceptable. Thank you for sharing Mr. Musk, I appreciate your efforts to appear publicly and share what is known as vital and important. I also look forward to your continued conversations, further reflections and opportunities to contribute thoughts. And I think these views are a nice segway to Twitter’s recent decisions to engage political debates and conversations. Thank you.

Please note that the university experience that I have shared was during my Bachelor of Honors’ (BA) as conferred from the Faculty of Health. Thank you.

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