As I take the time to reflect upon the recent winter storm in Houston, surrounding areas and Texas, the truth is that I felt sad because of the water pipes and the power outages that affected many households. These effects caused a storm to become worse than it probably was. The sadness was arroused especially when you take a moment to compare the freezing temperatures, heaps of snow that are piled in New York every year, these areas don’t get the same power outages or no water. Maybe it is because the areas have adapted and implemented measures for the protection of communities that are being served?

It was upsetting also to see families, poor and marginalized communities that suffered from the effects of the storm. When really the winter storm could have been a moment of beautiful winter wonderland in Texas, if the power outages and water supplies continued to be provided to households and customers. But also utility supplies cannot control the effects upon tropical plants, flowers as well as habitats that have adapted to the Texas climate.

With these thoughts I continue to send my good thoughts of love and prayer to all who have been affected by the winter storm, and wish a speedy restoration and recovery. Particularly to the already vulnerable who have suffered from the coronavirus pandemic, the mental health impacts, the invisible wounds that require love and care.

The effects from the winter storm have revealed the need for power. “We need power.” Whilst there is always advocating for Climate care / change, we are reminded that the natural resources of oil should also be loved and embraced, especially because it is a natural resource just like vegetation, solar and wind energy. Maybe the thinking point arises as to how natural resources such as oil can continue to be utilized effectively and safely for the good of habitats and communities survival needs?

FOX BUSINESS | Oil analyst says Texas’ winter storm recovery could take 2 weeks

Thank you Tilman J. Fertitta for your presence within the community you truly have exemplified your words within your book entitled: “SHUT UP AND LISTEN.” Thank you for taking the time to support Houston during this difficult time. We hope that your presence inspires and uplifts communities! THANK YOU!

From high over Buffalo Bayou on a beautiful November morning, the sun breaks through the clouds and shines the first light of day through the highrises of the Houston skyline. Far below, Buffalo Bayou flows along, flanked by Memorial Parkway and Allen Parkway. The tallest building in the skyline is the JP Morgan Chase Tower at 1,002 feet high. This aerial sunrise image was taken with a drone and a licensed FAA Part 107 pilot (me).

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