Nuestra América Española!

Within this writing I reflect upon a recent documentary that aired on ABC’s Soul of Nation as a special for Hispanic / Spanish Heritage Month. I was particularly drawn to the Dolores Huerta interview and the discussion of Mount Cristo Rey. This documentary connected well to the current book reading of “EL NORTE” especially as this is the first ever documentary that I have watched with a focus on Hispanic / Spanish Heritage. thank you to ABC’s team. Thank you to everyone involved in putting together this documentary!!!


This year on the first day of Spring – March 20th 2021 was also the beginning of the Persian New year as celebrated in Iraq and Iran, and also as named as Nowruz in Afghanistan. Wishing all who celebrate a very happy new year, or as pronounced in the Persian language: mobarakeh ro bay roContinue reading “PERSIAN NEW YEAR 2021!”

“The Spanish Princess”

This blog post are thoughts that reflect upon the historical T.V. Drama series entitled: The Spanish Princess, with an admiration for the qualities of leadership found within Catherine of Aragon – Princess of Spain. With a focus on letter writing, forms of communication and the fate of her love with the Tudor family. #ShaziaBlog